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Message: Greetings, While gardens that yield flowers and greenery are certainly wonderful, why not create a landscape that serves as both a visual delight and a source of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs throughout the year? I'm keen on crafting a blog article for your website, one that offers your readers guidance on creating an edible landscape that marries practicality with beauty. From handpicking suitable plants to conceptualizing the garden's arrangement, I intend to encompass all the essential insights required for fashioning a backyard haven brimming with delectable produce. Would you be open to the idea of featuring this piece on your website? I truly appreciate your thoughtful consideration! Larry Waters SowSustainability.com P.S. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you're interested in a piece but would prefer one on a different subject. Alternatively, if you ever decide that you no longer wish to receive emails from me, just let me know.