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State/Province: Montana
Zip/Postal Code: 59873
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Message: John/Shawn: The Shed delivered today was not what was agreed to in the contract. First, it has a silver roof not forest green, Second and most importantly, we specified that the T-111 siding match the siding we have on our previously purchased shed, which is a wider 5 5/8 with a fir type surface panel, this was clearly defined in our previous shed spec which you had on file and of which we had a paper copy when we signed the contract. Changing the roof color is not enough. If you can overlay the correct Fir T-111, that might be ok. IF you did centered barn doors that too would be OK, BUT the roof and siding are not acceptable as delivered. Sorry for the trouble, but it is not what we ordered. Let us know whether it is better to return the shed and start over again, or modify the shed delivered. Bruce Hunn Nancy Mehaffie